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What is Subdomains Lookup API?

Subdomains Lookup API allows users to find all the subdomains of a given domain name with one API call. Relevant creation and update dates are also returned alongside the subdomains.

How much does accessing Subdomains Lookup API cost? Do you offer a free trial?

Subdomains Lookup API offers up to 500 free credits so you can try the product at no cost. You can check out the Subdomains Lookup API pricing plans here.

What are the benefits of using Subdomains Lookup API?

With one call, Subdomains Lookup API returns a complete list of subdomains, which can help users in several ways, including:

  • Cybersecurity enhancement: Obtaining a complete list of all your subdomains helps you discover and protect unused and forgotten ones.
  • Penetration testing: Finding the subdomains of a target entity is among the most crucial steps in the reconnaissance stage of penetration testing.
  • Blacklist and indicators of compromise (IoCs) list expansion: Including the subdomains of malicious or suspicious domains in your blacklist can expand your organization's protection from harmful web properties.
  • Web infrastructure monitoring: Subdomains Lookup API can help you regularly obtain an inventory of your subdomains to check for misconfigurations, outdated software, and other weak points.
  • Marketing research reinforcement: Subdomain lookups let you see what major industry players and competitors are doing. Newly obtained subdomains could hint at new business ventures, product developments, and partnerships.

What other consumption models do you offer?

Aside from the API version, you can obtain the same data from:

  • Subdomains Lookup: A web-based service that provides a shareable and readily available report.
  • Subdomains Database: You may download the full subdomains database or get weekly data feeds to obtain new subdomains added during that week.

What makes Subdomains Lookup API different from other solutions? How comprehensive is your data?

Subdomains Lookup API pulls data from an extensive passive Domain Name System (pDNS) database, which has been gathering data since 2012. Our database contains more than 2.3 billion subdomains, spanning over 774 million domain names and more than 7,596 top-level domains (TLDs). On top of that, more than 1 million subdomains are added to the database daily.

How can I get customer support?

You may reach out to our support team by dropping us an email at:

  • for technical and account support
  • for product customization and feature requests
  • for pricing and partnership inquiries

We also provide support for different tiers, including Premium Support, which gives you access to our call center support team members.

Where can I find technical information about Subdomains Lookup API?

Technical details about Subdomains Lookup API are available in this API docs page. It tackles the following:

  • How to make requests
  • What usage limits and request throttling mean
  • What outputs are available
  • How to check your account balance
  • What error codes you may see and their meanings

How do I learn more about Domain Name System-related concepts?

You may check out this DNS Primer, which contains more details about the DNS and how it works.