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Search all subdomains in the largest database available for download

We maintain a large subdomains repository containing 2.3+ billion records, letting us give you exhaustive, unified, and well-parsed subdomain intelligence in comma-separated values (CSV) format.

Subdomains Data Feed
2.3 Billion+Subdomains
1 Million+Subdomains discovered daily
52,000+Satisfied customers
14+Years of data crawling

Subdomains Database Download comes in two forms

  • Full subdomains database

    A full database of all the subdomains for a given date that comes in a unified and consistent CSV format.

  • Weekly incremental subdomains database

    Weekly feeds that track all changes made to the full Subdomains Database in the past week.

Subdomains Data Feed | WhoisXML API

Subdomains Data Feed can be configured to match your specific data access requirements

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  • A comprehensive and coherent database with greater TLD coverage than other solutions

    Our repository of domains and subdomains is regularly updated and covers over 7,596 Top Level Domains (TLDs). We add over 1 million newly discovered subdomains to our database every day.

  • Information that’s easy to integrate into any system

    Our database downloads take the form of CSV files compatible with practically any database application.

  • From threat intelligence to actual prevention and mitigation strategies

    We’ve taken care of the manual parsing of raw and passive subdomain data for you, leaving you with information you can immediately act on.

Search all subdomains to:

Boost cybersecurity

  • Determine all potential attack entry points that can put your business at risk.
  • Better identify any potential weakness, outdated software, or misconfiguration in your network and fortify their defenses for utmost security.
  • Pinpoint insufficiently protected systems that make your network vulnerable to attacks by including subdomain data in your penetration testing efforts.
Boost cybersecurity
Beef up marketing research results

Beef up marketing research results

  • Gain as much insight as you can about your competitors by scrutinizing their entire web infrastructure, including all subdomains.
  • A list of all your competitors' subdomains can give you clues into their business development and expansion strategies that you can use to your advantage.
  • Identify potential business opportunities by monitoring which companies are using your competitors’ digital services as per the presence of their names in created subdomains.

Ease data integration in product development

  • Speed up product development and enhancement by skipping the tedious data gathering process. Download and use our comprehensive and well-parsed Subdomains Database instead for your works in progress.
  • Subdomains Database is downloadable in a well-structured CSV format that works with most database programs.
Ease data integration in product development
Subdomains Database | WhoisXML API

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Subdomains Database | WhoisXML API

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